The Florence Wine Ways Walk - Orienteering Tour

We shall enter the ancient medieval roads in the heart of Florence, in search of the old wine doorlets, on the routes once taken by the Carro Matto, our old Wine Cart from Chianti Rufina, by the wine merchants as well as a multitude of wine drinkers. Following the way on a special map, we shall discover Florence through anecdotes, curiosities and reach the most famous parts of the city and other typically Florentine corners.

Start: Tuesday, 10.15 a.m., at information point Piazza Stazione, 4 Firenze
Min. 6 adults or equivalent price (reservation required)

Difficulty: easy
Length: 7.5 km
gradient: 40 m
Time: ca 3.5 h

€ 20,00 adult - child 5€

provided various pit sop not included in the price

price includes:
Expert florentine guide and Tecnico FISO,
special orienteering map
price does not include:
transfer by personal or public transport (train or bus)
wine tastings or lunch, “panini”

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