Every TUESDAY: from 09.30 to 12.00 a.m.
 Guide at the Museum collection, including a Precious variety of tools and equipments. Introduction to the history of the Valley, Chianti Rufina and Pomino and its historical relation with Florence.
New: models of the history of agriculture and wine.

It’s possible to continue with a Tasting of
o Chianti Rùfina** Wine
o Organic Juices of little fruits of the “Montagne Fiorentine”**
o Local products : “taglieri” cheese, ham, bardiccio (only on demand)***
PREZZI : Guided Visit 6,00 (eng) euro / adulto - 2,00 euro / bambino
**Tasting Lab. 6 .00€ ( Chianti Rufina or Juices) – 15 € (con taglieri)

*** MINI BIKE TOUR* pref. Tuesday at 12.00. Little bike ride, Cycling
through old road, bridge and vineyard with possible stop at a Chianti Rufina
producer and wine shopping . (40 min) Prices 10 € - not included bike rent max.4 (7€)

SPECIAL Events and Tours on reservation:
BIKE TOUR* pref. Wednesday at 10.20. Pleasent bike ride, cycling through old countryside
roads , beautifull woods and vineyard reaching important farms of Chianti Rufina, taste delicious local
wine and museum guide; possible wine shopping in “fattoria”. 2/3 hours
Prices 15 / 25 € - not included bike rent (20€)

The Wine ways Florence walk O-Tour * pref. Tuesday at 15.20
will enter the ancient medieval roads in the heart of Florence, in search of the unique
old wine doorlets on the routes taken by the “Carro Matto”, our old Chianti Rufina
Wine Cart and discover Florence through curiosities, and the best breath-taking views.
Ending with a nice surprise. Prices 20 € min.4 payers

Cellar Tour (on demand) 2-3 farms, cellar visit, wine taste.
Horse Carriage (on demand) COUNTRY RIDE!| in a 8 seater CARRIAGE, drawn by 2
splendid Haflinger Horses. PREZZI 20 /10 € - min. 8 persone

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